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Labor Market Trends

Most of the economic analysts argue that trend of the labor market can be characterized as a dynamic one, meaning on a constant change, and its dynamism can be attributed to the changing economic performance of the market and some other factors that imposes an effect to the labor market. During the time when the economy is in good or bad condition, the behavior of the labor market is very different on every scenario. By understanding the trend of the labor force would mean, for the policy makers, having the capacity of predict the level and skills of the labor force that will be available in the economy and on how they will utilize its number to attain the societal goal as a whole. An economy having a surplus or a deficit of laborers would certainly bring costs and benefits. This is the reason why the labor market trends should be monitored form time to time. Factors affecting the labor market pattern should also be considered. Technology, government policy and the like must also be included into attention for it imposes either direct and/or indirect effects to the labor market trends. In the technological world that we are now living, it is ordinary for the economy to demand for new skills, job opportunities and new line of labor in order to suffice the need of the modern kind of living. With the complexity of the economy as time goes by, the policy makers has to monitor the demand and supply of low skilled and high skilled workers to protect the welfare of the majority while maximizing the profitability of the economy as a whole. As for the companies that plan to hire workers, it is necessary for them to understand the trend in the labor market for them to determine the level of education the available worker has and to set their standards based from the given information (Marcotte, 1991). This paper aims to discuss the current labor trend such as the trends for new jobs and its relationship to career development by relating an article about labor market trend to the existing one. Labor Market Trend Employment rate, wage rate, growth rate of the industries and the required level of education for an individual to have a work are just a few of the factors that should be considered in identifying the current trend in the labor market. According to the article of Fix, he talked about the reason of the increase in the demand for the laborers in the late 1990’s due to the sustainable growth in the US and globalization in the economy that even the low skilled workers and single mothers are hired to suffice the demand for the laborers. With this we can see that economic forces affect the trend in the labor market. The higher the investments in economy, the greater the number of possible job opportunity for that certain employment line. One example to this is the current high demand of the nurses in many parts of the world, because of this; most of the undergraduate students tend to study nursing in order to have a better career, get a better salary and so forth. It is understood that if a certain job line is in demand, there would be always a high wage rate, lot of benefits and â€Å"nice† employment terms and agreement. This is what has been the behavior of the students when choosing their undergraduate courses (Amirault, 1990). Government policies also play a vital role in affecting the trend in the labor market. Those job lines that have greater benefits compared to the others as mandated by the law would surely gain higher demand from the laborers (International-Labour-Organization, 2000). The government must also monitor their minimum wage rate to prevent their workers to migrate abroad. Migration of the skilled workers would greatly affect the economic performance of the country for it makes the country to have fewer workers in performing various economic roles. Wage rate must be set in balance in order to attract the workers to stay and work in the domestic market (Fix, 2002). The booming of a certain industry would also affect the current trend in the labor market for it attracts laborers to apply into that industry (Fix, 2002). One example into this is the impressive growth of the cellular phone industry in the south-east Asia and because of this, the tendency of the labor pool is to have a vocational course on electronics since there is a great demand for the said line of job. Cellular phone technicians also became in demand in the economy. Effects of the Globalization to Labor Market Trend Globalization has already been attributed to various negative effects that developed countries now experiencing. One of the main arguments of the analysts is that under globalization, multinational corporations are exporting laborers from the developed to developing countries through the aid of the â€Å"foreign direct investments† (International-Labour-Organization, 2000). When a certain corporation made its investment abroad, it brings with them some of the top skilled workers to supervise the operation of the new company branch in another country. In this case, all the skills of the imported laborers will benefit the country where the capitals are invested. And not only that, the host country could also benefit from the additional job opportunity that the company will offer to the labor market. Under the trade liberalization, the government is giving the consumers pieces of advice to prefer more the goods produced from abroad than with the locally produced one (International-Labour-Organization, 2000). With this, the local industry will find it hard to compete with the imported goods in terms of price and quality, therefore, harming the laborer since there is a possibility for them to be laid off to cut production costs on the part of the local industry. The increasing use of machineries and other advanced technological process to speed up the production made some laborers to loose their jobs since company owners prefer the most the machineries over the human labor for the former is more effective and efficient in working. Industries became more and more independent to technology in making their products produce faster and of great volume according to the International Labour Organization. It is therefore crucial for the government to regulate and protect the welfare of those laborers that might get harmed by their actions. Conclusion Based from the above statements and facts, we can clearly see that economic growth imposes negative effects to the trend in the labor market. The importation of the skilled workers leaves the importing country with less competitive laborers while letting the other countries to gain the benefits that are supposedly for the economy of the host country; and the preference of the imported goods than with the locally produced, harms not only the industry but also the laborers, for they could suffer from a decrease in their salary, or worse, loss their jobs. The behavior of the students in choosing a course also affects the future trend in the labor market. The number of demands for every job line serves as an attraction to the students. This would later on makes the supply of laborers on other job lines to turn down. The imbalance in the supply of the laborers in the economy could cause market turmoil and this should be prevented by the government to happen. The wage rate of the laborers especially the â€Å"low profiled† one must be monitored and evaluated often to ensure the welfare of those who are in need. As we all know, they compose the majority of the number of available workers in the market and by protecting their welfare would mean preserving the good working relationship of the workers and the market. Today labor unions play and have power to fight for the stake of the laborers in the economy and having trouble with them can greatly affect the economic performance of the country. A day mass demonstrations and strikes of the laborers could cause the loss of millions of dollars in terms of production of nay industry. The importance of understanding the trend in the labor market would really help every sector in the economy. REFERENCES Amirault, T. A. (1990). Labor market trends for new college graduates [Electronic Version]. Retrieved June 15, 2007 from Fix, D. S. N. a. M. (2002). Economic and Labor Market Trends [Electronic Version]. Retrieved June 15, 2007. International-Labour-Organization. (2000). Labour Market Trends and Globalization's Impact on Them [Electronic Version]. Retrieved June 15, 2007 from Marcotte, D. E. (1991). Learning in the Labor Market: The Changing Importance of Education and Training After â€Å"Formal† Schooling Ends [Electronic Version]. Retrieved June 15, 2007 from ; ;

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Usefulness of Marxs Theory of Metamorphosis in Assessing...

Modern Governmental Theory Critically assess the usefulness of Marx’s theory of metamorphosis in assessing 2011 revolt in Egypt. After Two months of the attack that was grasped by a Tunisian operative who was unemployed because of the treatment of the state, countless and large demonstrations have range so fast amid the working class as well as the youth in the finished Middle East. The movement commenced to range so fast from one state to one more that it was shouted the Arabic Spring as it range to Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and Libya. Every single administration in every single state was frightened that the waves of anger should menace his rule. Countless strategies have been set to protect the administrations in countless countries. The†¦show more content†¦When the Egyptian metamorphosis has displayed the progress that has transpired in the deeds of the working class, it has displayed their skill to craft extreme clusters of assorted origins and they were displaying assorted hobbies that have lead to the displaying up of the manipulation of the communal mass media and webs in January 25th, 2011. As 20 04, there were producing movement of the disparate people who initiate from the working class. These movements have displayed up countless months ago beforehand it has revolved to lead to the revolt in 2011. The labor movement in 2011, was one of the biggest communal movements transpired in Egypt. Extra than 1.9 million operatives have joined the movement alongside strikes of 1850 strikes. The movement has arose due to the hostile neo open-minded strategies that were being adopted across Hosni Mubarak administration afterward 2004 considering the free marketplace as dictated by the Global Monetary Fund as well as the United States. This plan that was adopted was including two processes; one is the quickening of the privatization and the subsequent is the extra critical situation of the operative class and the rise of the wealth of the higher class. The privatization should mean that extra operatives who are in the State owned industries should lose their jobs and at the alike period , the poor are becoming poorer. (Wall Road Journal, 2011) In 2009, according to the

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School Uniforms Should Not Solve All Problems Within A...

School uniforms are school approved wardrobes that dictate what students wear to school. In today’s society, school systems’ deciding to implement uniforms has become a controversial issue among students, parents, and teachers. The use of uniforms by a school system is often an effort in branding and developing a unified image, but also has substantial effects on the students that are wearing uniforms. Some people believe that clothing is an expression of a person, while others believe that clothing can be a distraction. Implementing school uniforms has a variety of advantages and disadvantages, but school uniforms do not solve all problems within a school system. In the 16th century, the first modern school uniform appeared in England†¦show more content†¦Former president, Bill Clinton, was an advocate for schools adopting uniforms. He spoke about school uniforms in several of his speeches during his presidency ( With Bill Clinton’s support , the word about school uniforms spread quickly across America. The first school district to have mandatory uniforms was the Long Beach Unified School District in 1994 ( Uniforms are popular in large cities across America. Across the country, 23% of schools enforce mandatory uniforms (Pros). Mandatory uniforms are common in places like Boston, Miami, Chicago, and New Orleans; 65% of public schools in Boston; 60% in Miami; 80% in Chicago; and 95% in New Orleans. Twenty-one states have required uniforms in effect. Uniforms are also popular in other parts of the world. School uniforms are very common in Japan and England. In Japan, most public school students wear uniforms. Boys usually black pants and jacket with gold buttons down the front and a white shirt inside. Girls usually wear aâ€Å"kon† (a kind of dark blue) or gray skirt, with either a sailor top or a white shirt and matching vest (PBS). In England young children that attend public school wear gray or b lack pants, shorts or skirts; white shirts; a school tie; a jacket with their school logo on it; and black shoes (Woodlands). Many people believe that school uniforms are beneficial to students. One main reason why people agree that students should wear

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The Accounting And Reporting Standards - 1494 Words

‘US GAAP’ is the term used to indicate the body of authoritative literature that comprises accounting and reporting standards in the US. Rules and interpretative releases of the SEC under authority of federal securities laws are also sources of authoritative GAAP for SEC registrants. Authoritative US GAAP is primarily developed and maintained by the FASB and the Emerging Issues Task Force. Unlike IFRS, US GAAP is designed for use by both profit-oriented and not-for-profit entities, with additional Codification topics that apply specifically to not-for-profit entities. Like IFRS, any entity claiming compliance with US GAAP complies with all applicable sections of the Codification, including disclosure requirements. However, unlike IFRS, a statement of explicit and unreserved compliance with US GAAP is not required. Unlike IFRS, the objective of financial statements is fair presentation in accordance with US GAAP.Similarities and Differences of GAAP and IFRS Haotian Guo In 2014, a study from PricewaterhouseCoopers pointed that American investors are looking over-seas’ capital market for investment opportunities, and foreign investors are also looking for investing opportunities in America. According to the research from PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2014, an estimates shows that there are around seven trillion US dollars are invested in foreign stock markets, and American markets are open to non-US firms too. Many of the foreign companies use IFRS rule withoutShow MoreRelatedAccounting Standards And Financial Reporting Standards1955 Words   |  8 Pagesparts of accounting that help make corporations flow smoothly and efficiently. Accounting can be used by anyone in his or her everyday life whether balancing your checkbook or checking on your income statement. In accounting there are several rules, standards, and procedures one must follow in order to maintain fairness and legitimacy. This being said there are two main frameworks that make tha t possible which are referred to as GAAP and IFRS. GAAP stands for Generally Accepted Accounting PrinciplesRead MoreAccounting Standards And Financial Reporting Essay1508 Words   |  7 PagesSepe, and Tomassini (2007), â€Å"accrual accounting is the financial reporting model used by† most corporations; which in turn, enables â€Å"investors and creditors †¦ to make their resource allocation decision† (Financial Reporting Case, para. 1). In other words, due to organizations using the same standards for financial reporting, external parties are able to compare the financial condition between businesses (Spiceland, et al., 2007). Although accounting standards have evolved over the decades, thereRead MoreFinancial Accounting And Reporting Standards1426 Words   |  6 Pages Financial Accounting and Reporting Standards Jeremy J Boston Saint Leo University â€Æ' Abstract Financial accounting has become more complex as our country grows. The United States has established a core financial body to ensure all financial statements are published within the prescribed guidelines so that any creditor or investor is able to read and understand the information. The FASB was created to ensure that these guidelines are followed and they are well-paid individuals so there isRead MoreFinancial Reporting And International Accounting Standards Essay1556 Words   |  7 PagesFinancial reporting is a branch of accounting which involves presenting the financial information of a company to the stakeholders so that they can be in a position to evaluate its financial performance and make an informed decision based on the information. There are two general sets of standards governing financial reporting in the major economies across the world. They include the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) regulated by the International Accounting Standards Board (I ASB)Read MoreStandard For Better Quality Accounting And Reporting3767 Words   |  16 Pagescompanies are looking to adopt this standard for better quality accounting and reporting and so I will be looking into the issues with IFRS such as measurement and reporting of profit, implications of adopting IFRS, the reintroduction of the concept of prudence and other proposed changes to the conceptual framework. Conceptual Frame work: According to ACCA[2014], a conceptual frame work must â€Å"consider the theoretical and conceptual issues surrounding financial reporting and form a coherent and consistentRead MoreFinancial Reporting And The International Accounting Standards Essay1993 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction Purpose Complexity in financial reporting is apparent especially when applying it to relevant accounting theories. Complexity is the state of being difficult to understand and apply (SEC 2008, cited in Petersen, 2012). When we apply complexity to accounting we think of it in terms of applying it to accounting transactions which flow onto financial statements and how these were developed from the Accounting Standards. (Peterson, 2012, p.73). The purpose of this reportRead MoreInternational Accounting And Financial Reporting Standards2215 Words   |  9 PagesBoth speakers have made credible arguments towards the contradictory nature of the International Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards. Accounting standards are a method of regulating the reporting of everyday transactions within the profession, alongside laws, regulations and codes of professional bodies (Guest Lecturer, 2014). Regulatory regimes are necessary as they aim to achieve a uniform objective that published accounts in the market are to show a true and fair view of the entity theyRead MoreInternational Financial Reporting Standards : International Accounting Standards1761 Words   |  8 PagesInternational Financial Reporting Standards After reviewing some of most notorious challenges facing the IFRS abroad, we focus our attention on presenting information about some of the IFRS successes in pursuing their goal to a single set of financial reporting standards. Since 1973, the International Accounting Standard Committee, now known as the IASB, has been focused on developing a single set of high-quality international accounting standards as an effort to make financial information andRead MoreInternational Financial Reporting Standards And The International Accounting Standards Board1236 Words   |  5 PagesREVENUE ACCOUNTING ASSIGNMENT 2 – BUSINESS REPORT Name : Jea Sun Lee Student Number : N9558195 Word Count : 1000 words Table of Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 5 1.0 Introduction 6 2.0. Research and Evaluation 7-8 3.0 Future Implications of adopting AASB 15 for Australian companies 9 4.0 Conclusion 10 Reference List 11-12 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Foundation and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) are a global languageRead MoreAccounting Principles And The International Financial Reporting Standards Essay839 Words   |  4 PagesGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles and the International Financial Reporting Standards are the two major accounting standards used by accountants today. The GAAP is currently used only by firms in the United States, while the IFRS is used by firms in 110 countries, including those in the European Union. The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission is in charge of GAAP for public companies, while the Financial Accounting and Standard Board overlooks private companies. The standards for IFRS are set

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Slaves in the Ottoman Empire Free Essays

The Ottoman Empire existed from year 1453 to 1923 and was one of the largest and most well organized empires in world history. The Ottomans were very successful and conquered enormous territories with their large and professional standing armies. The Ottoman Empire was a slave society and slavery was very popular among the Ottomans. We will write a custom essay sample on Slaves in the Ottoman Empire or any similar topic only for you Order Now The sultan owned all property and had enormous power, and that was partly because he had so many slaves. That gave him much more control than if he had hired freemen, since slaves were always loyal but freemen could not be trusted in the same way.Islamic law regulates all aspects of the slave’s status. It lays down the obligations of masters and slaves and determines the relations between them. The law commends manumission but does not require it. No distinction is made between types of slaves — such as according to color, function, or origin of servile state. During the early period of Islam, most of the slaves were prisoners-of-war captured by the victorious Muslim armies. With the stabilization of the frontiers,†¦ this situation changed and many of the captives were exchanged or ransomed.Since the Sharia forbids the enslavement of free-born Muslims and Zimmis (protected minorities) who do not violate the conditions of their status, and since the various mechanisms of manumission and the absence of slave-breeding practices limited the ability of the slave population to reproduce itself, slaves had to be recruited from outside the Islamic world. Slaves in the Ottoman empire in general were brought from Eastern Europe and parts of Southern Russia. In the Islamic world slavery had religious rather than racial connotations, with most of the slaves in Ottoman history being Christians. The Ottomans had many European and Central Asian â€Å"Mameluk† slaves and the elite Janissary troops of the Ottoman army were all Christian-born slaves taken mostly from the Balkans Male and female slaves in the Ottoman Empire; what their status and rights were, what work they had to do and who they were. Most male slaves did military service. They were either bought from Spain, North Africa or Venice, captured in battle or acquired through devshirme. Devshirme was a system by which young Christians were recruited for the army or the imperial civil service.The sultan had agents that searched for promising Christian children who they then converted to Islam and trained to be janissary soldiers. But the best of these children, in terms of physique, intelligence and other qualities, were selected for education in the palace school, where they instead were trained for civil service. There were also some slaves who were personal servants or bodyguards. The sultan had slaves called â€Å"agents† who took care of his administrative and financial affairs, and these agents were actually the ruling class of the Ottoman society.They had the authority to collect revenues and their main function was to expand the wealth of the empire. Major slave import routes, 19 th Ottoman Empire Female slaves were mostly concubines or servants of their owners’ wives. Slave concubinage was the central element of Ottoman reproductive policy and most sultans never married. They did not have to because in Muslim law a child held the legal status of his father and therefore a slave concubine’s sons could claim the throne just as well as the sons of the sultan’s wife or a freewoman.The slave concubines lived in the harems and if a concubine gave birth to a child she then took care of it until it, if it was a boy, became about ten years old, or if it was a girl, got married. A boy would then be given a province to govern and the mo ther would look after him and make sure that he behaved well. Some female slaves were given as gifts from lower officials to their superiors, for example the sultan, so that the lower officials would gain more status. There were not many powerful women in the Ottoman Empire, but one called Hurrem, or later Roxelana, has become quite famous.She was a Russian slave who was purchased for Suleiman’s harem and she soon became the sultan’s favorite slave. They had five children, four of them which were sons, and after a time Suleiman visited only her. About eight years later he married her and Hurrem became the first woman who went from slave concubine to legal wife. An Ottoman source of the early 17th century explains the exemption of Muslim Turks from the Devshirme: â€Å"If they were to become slaves of the sultan, they would abuse this privilege. Their relatives in the provinces would oppress the reaya and not pay taxes. They would oppose the sanjak beyis and become rebels. But if the Christian children accept Islam, they become zealous in the faith and enemies of their relatives. † The government considered the Devshirme as an extraordinary levy on the reaya (tax paying subject) not as the enslavement of its own subjects. There were levies every three to seven years, according to need. (Estimates very from 1000 to 3000 taken annually) When the youths arrived in Istanbul the best of them were selected as pages for the Palace. .. They then went to Palaces in Istanbul and Edirne to receive a special training, while the remainder were hired out†¦ to Turkish villagers in Anatolia before entering the January corps. According to Ottoman sources, Mehmed the Conqueror established this practice which was intended to teach the boys the Turkish language and Turkish customs. .. . European observes record that the temperament and capabilities of each boy were carefully considered.Those who showed an ability in the religious sciences prepared for the religious professions; those proficient in the scribal arts prepared for a career in the bureaucracy. According to (one writer) who had himself been a page, the Palace education aimed to produce â€Å"the warrior statesman and loyal Muslim who at the same time should be a man of letters and polished speech, profound courtesy and honest morals†. But its fundamental aim was to instill complete obedience and loyalty to the sultan. Slavery in the Ottoman Empire has been stated as comparatively mild, which is quite true.Great men (such as the sultan) cared much about their own safety and wanted a big and loyal slave household, and therefore they treated their slaves well and with kindness. Some slaves were actually wealthy and had slave households of their own, which proves that a slave career in the Ottoman Empire could be rather advantageous. People did not look down on slaves as if they were worth less, like it was the case in many other places in the world. Sometimes Christian parents even bribed the government to make them accept their children as slaves, since that meant social advancement for the children.Female slaves were sometimes abused by their owners though, but the mere fact that cases of such problems have been found in high court records tells us that slaves had quite an unusual position in the Ottoman society. Slave owners did apparently not have the right to do whatever they wanted with their slaves, even though they owned them. Ottomans had no history of segregation on racial grounds and many of those both black and white who were the descendants of slaves have intermarried with the Ottoman population.To sum it up, the male slaves in the Ottoman Emp ire were janissary soldiers, bodyguards, personal servants or civil service workers. Many of them were Christians who had been acquired through a system called devshrime when they were young. The female slaves in the Ottoman Empire were either slave concubines in the harem or servants of their owners’ legal wife/wives. The slaves in the Ottoman Empire were not at the bottom of the society, they did actually have some status and many of them were wealthy.Slaves could even have their own slaves and gain power in the society. Slaves were accepted by the people and they sometimes had advantageous positions. It happened that Christian parents wanted their children to become slaves and they paid the government so that they would enslave their children. Though, after all they were slaves and they could not decide over their own life or do what they wanted to do, and it can be questioned if it really was something positive to be a slave. By Recep MAZ How to cite Slaves in the Ottoman Empire, Papers

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Emerging Discourse of Risk and Opportunity †

Question: Discuss about the Emerging Discourse of Risk and Opportunity. Answer: Introduction The report will discuss in detail about the risk and its management in association with reward, opportunities and operations. The process of risk management is based on identifying, analysing and accepting or mitigating the uncertainty in various investment options (Philp, 2016). It is important to understand that risk management happen at any point of time where an investor can analyse and further attempt to properly quantify the overall potential of the losses in an investment and further take the right steps based on investment goals and tolerance in risk. The first example is of the CEO of the Treehouse namely Carson who has executed a plan of short workweek to gain more attention of the best employees to the company. He further also believed that this kind of truncated allotment of time will help the workforce to work in a more efficient way. The CEO has spent a lot of time on working for becoming the man to understand that as a manager or boss, one cannot be the dominating boss who is completely despised by the workforce (Dills, 2013). So, at the time of launching the Portland, which is Ore based coding school on online platform called as Treehouse in the year 2010, he took a cautious decision to try something unique and different. The plan was to have a four day or thirty-two hours of workweek. However, the approach adopted was quite unconventional and a risky process but it had immediate impact which created a lot of positivity in the recruitment process and people were inspired to work along with him. The plan further allowed the Treehouse to also finish for the talent which went completely against the organization with deep pockets and the business further has prospered as well. The practice adopted here was an unorthodox process and the only way to implement these decisions to have confidence to believe in the idea and try to make it happen or execute it perfectly. The first reaction of people was based on looking at it as a major risk which might not pay off. But the CEO only believed in implementing it perfectly and make it work. The process helped in getting the best kind of talent on-board and what is also amazing was the employee turnover completely reduced to nil (Miner, 2015). The process of dropping email for proprietary motives or system also called as Canopy where all the comments and data was posted or tagged for some importance and to gain some accessibility on much required basis and that has completely changed things for the company. It was also very efficient in usage and it also permit people to deal with the process of internal level communication on the set terms. At the same time, getting rid of the companys managerial level of layer further fostered the trust based loyalty with a lot of efficiency and challenging work. The workforce has the freedom to propose an idea and then later implement it. That allowed the company to be more pro-active and nimble by nature. People have the freedom to propose certain kind of concepts and ideas that seem them happen and there is no kind of micromanaging from manager side as well. It is important to understand that when employees are given more power, it is possible to increase more happiness and rise in positive outcome (Miner, 2015). Risk and opportunities Macro Hansell launched Speakr ideally called as twtMob in the year 2010 started the business with clear concept which is setup a venture that can coordinate an influencer based campaign on social network through Twitter for many Fortune 500 companies. He was clear about the programmers, designers, copywriters and developers that are required to implement it. There were money issues since the company didnt have money to pay these developers but Macro worked on finding the way to make it more beneficial without much cost. His plan was to sell it and make it a vision in which people and investors can believe in (Solomon et al, 2011). He contacted many people and can come down to six contractors who finally understood the vision. They all signed an agreement of a convertible note which says that the moment sales reached $250,000 or further attracted $1 million in the current venture capital, there is a possibility to gain control of full salary for the motive to work up to a level in equ ity share option or for cash. The company structured it in a way that the risk was there on both the side and investors were sure that the company is not using them for earning quick money and the sacrifice will be shared. As expected within one year of launch, the company could hit the target of $250,000 within eighteen months and further generated revenue close two million dollars in sales. The constraint and limitation in resources made the company highly grounded as well as resourceful and it was a smart move for them as well. The company believed in doing few things but at very high quality (Warkentin, 2011). The overall approach has finally paid off for everyone who were involved in the process. The company also run the second round of VC funding at the time when contractors went for the equity stake over cash. Operational risk management Chicago based company called as Eventup is an online market area that helps in matching the event planners with the venue. Jayne Cooke was brought in the company since the company was facing problem and she also understood the fact that the product has certain flaws. However, her immediate action was to first hire an efficient sales person to sell it before spending time on fixing it (Lam, 2013). Cooke has previously worked as a vice president in business development at a company called Groupon and she also could convince the right action here is to get the salesperson can get direct feedback from the customer which will help in fixing the operations of the company. For her, it was a matter of being more and more agile and figuring out on what is require doing without being very rigid and further get stuck with the old methods since rigidity in the organization is problematic (Ana-Cornelia, 2012). The feedback from hundreds of calls made by the sales team in time of few week, she could understand what is needed here to save the company to shut down. She further went ahead and made the fee structure simple and further streamlined the operation with the help of new customer association management tool for the places that could also track the leads. The company leaned what customer would want to pay for if it was offered to them. In the end, in the first budget year after she took in, the revenue increased to seven figures (O'Connor, 2012). Conclusion The process of managing in connection of many perspectives happens at all places in the world of finance. It also happens when any investor can buy minimal risk bonds of government over a riskier level of bond especially when a fund manager is able to hedge the currency exposure with many currency based derivatives and when a bank is able to performs a credit based check on personal level just before offering a personal line of credit to managers (Pleune, 2017). Reference Ana-Cornelia, O. (2012). Operational Risk Management.Universitatii Maritime Constanta. Analele,13(18), 335. Dills, T. (2013). Risk and reward.Commercial Carrier Journal,170(3). Lam, J. (2013). Operational Risk Management.Enterprise Risk Management: From Incentives to Controls, Second Edition, 237-270. Miner, J. (2015). Risk and Reward.Ancient Obscenities: Their Nature and Use in the Ancient Greek and Roman Worlds, 125. O'Connor, J. (2012). Operational Risk Management.Army Sustainment,44(3), 53. Philp, M. (2016). Risk and reward.Engineering Insight,17(5), 20. Pleune, T. (2017). Operational Risk Management. InCommercial Banking Risk Management(pp. 121-134). Palgrave Macmillan US. Solomon, J. F., Solomon, A., Norton, S. D., Joseph, N. L. (2011). Private climate change reporting: an emerging discourse of risk and opportunity?.Accounting, Auditing Accountability Journal,24(8), 1119-1148. Warkentin, K. M. (2011). Environmentally cued hatching across taxa: embryos respond to risk and opportunity.Integrative and Comparative Biology,51(1), 14-25.

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Sylvia Plaths Poems free essay sample

An analysis of the influence of popular culture in the poems The Thin People and Mirror. This paper discusses two poems by Sylvia Plath, and provides a thorough analysis of each poem. The paper focuses on the influence of popular culture in each of these works. These poems are discussed according to their significance as Plaths extension of her thoughts on the culture of todays world, that is, what are the trends, the preoccupations, and social issues that people face today. In particular, the poems show that society is too frivolous due to the high value it places on the ideals of thinness and beauty. The paper includes a brief history of Sylvia Plath. Most works of literature reflects an individuals culture and society, and it is evident that most of the literary works that were written by popular artists is seen to have traces of the kind of society and culture that artist had lived and encountered. We will write a custom essay sample on Sylvia Plaths Poems or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Sylvia Plath is an example of a literary artist that illustrates in her poems a deep influence of the society she has grown up with.