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Free Essays on Why The Concept Of Heroes Survives The Centuries

could describe the gods and heroes of Greek and Roman mythology. They possess incredible strength, they have horses that fly, or are immortal. â€Å"He was wise, he saw mysteries, and knew secret things, . . .† is a description of Gilgamesh. (Sandars 12) According to Sandars â€Å" . . . the gods gave [Gilgamesh] a perfect body . . . endowed him with beauty . . . endow... Free Essays on Why The Concept Of Heroes Survives The Centuries Free Essays on Why The Concept Of Heroes Survives The Centuries WHY THE CONCEPT OF HEROES SURVIVES THE CENTURIES For centuries, society and literature have revered and idolized extraordinary individuals called ‘heroes.’ The word hero brings to mind several images: strength, bravery, determination. Heroes have been part of human cultures for thousands of years. Gilgamesh is recognized as the original superhero, followed by many others including Hercules and Odysseus, Spiderman and Rambo, George Patton and Todd Beamer. Heroes in â€Å"The Iliad† by Homer such as Agamemnon, Achilles, and Hector, all exhibit courage, strength, and perseverance. Our history books are filled with accounts of heroic actions. Daily newscasts report stories about heroes in all walks of life. Students often question why study ancient works of literature. One reason is that readers of ancient literature are treated to some of the greatest superhero stories ever written. What makes the stories even more fascinating is that the most enduring epic, â€Å"Gilgamesh,† is nearly 4,800 years o ld. (Lawall, â€Å"Gilgamesh† 10). No matter which era, our heroes have these and other certain traits in common. The most unexplained quality is that of being a â€Å"common person† or â€Å"regular guy.† These qualities explain why the concept of cultural heroes survives the centuries. Proving that history repeats itself, some of today’s superheroes pull tendencies from the legendary heroes of mythology. As an example, consider Superman. He is tall and handsome. He is smart. He can also fly, is practically invincible, and is the strongest of men. These words could describe the gods and heroes of Greek and Roman mythology. They possess incredible strength, they have horses that fly, or are immortal. â€Å"He was wise, he saw mysteries, and knew secret things, . . .† is a description of Gilgamesh. (Sandars 12) According to Sandars â€Å" . . . the gods gave [Gilgamesh] a perfect body . . . endowed him with beauty . . . endow...

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My Father's Suitcase by orhan pamuk Research Paper

My Father's Suitcase by orhan pamuk - Research Paper Example His father said, â€Å"Just take a look,† slightly embarrassed. â€Å"See if there’s anything in there that you can use. Maybe after I’m gone you can make a selection and publish it† (Pamuk). At that time, Pamuk did not understand the gravity of the situation because he never understood that his father meant death. His story however unfolds as he opens the suitcase to find excellent pieces of writing and literature, something that made him think about his father from a different perspective altogether, something that made him the great writer and man that he is today. Pamuk talks about the characteristics of a writer by incorporating the way his father was; by reading the letters and papers that his father had left behind for him, he forms a different worldview about him. He begins to understand that his father did not take up his writing in order to help the family live a substantial life because his grandfather had been a wealthy businessman and thus Pamuk’s father did not want to disappoint the family by becoming a writer and taking the risk of not being able to earn enough money. He thus kept this personality of his a secret from the rest of the world, and was too scared to display it before he was gone. He was perhaps embarrassed because of the fact that he would have turned out to be a wonderful writer and that he would later feel regret in his life for not having taken up that path when he had the chance. He thus opted for the path of least resistance, the path where he showed his son what kind of a man he actually was, what his inh erent personality revealed about him, and how he could make a difference in his son’s life by showing him all of that. Pamuk writes, â€Å"The lovely Turkish expression â€Å"to dig a well with a needle† seems to me to have been invented with writers in mind. In the old stories, I love the patience of Ferhat, who digs through mountains for his love – and I

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Admin Law Question 1 + 2 (750-750 words) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Admin Law Question 1 + 2 (750-750 words) - Essay Example By s1 of the 1967 Act he is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the PM and holds office until the age of 65. Especially in relation to JR, the procedural requirements of public law element, leave, locus standi, time limits and grounds often deny speedy redress to the applicant. Matters such as delay, incompetence, stupidity, loss of documents, rudeness etc cannot be the subject to the JR. But, these fall within PCA’s jurisdiction. Disadvantage: the MPs check the legitimacy of complaints and it is called MP Filter. If a MP is the main culprit, claimants never get redress. In this sense MP enjoy more power. At the same time each year lots of letter of complain arises which not possible to review for an ombudsman. The most important factor to mention is the ombudsman will not investigate complaints where an alternate remedy exists. Ombudsmans powers of investigation are limited, for example-maladministration. 3) The PCA has had an impact on certain more High profile cases such as ‘Sachsendhausen’ case where the PCA found maladministration in distributing compensation. A recent example is the ‘Barlow Clowes Affair’. Jurisdiction: The 1967 Act should be amended to provide that the PCA could investigate all complaints other than those relating to matters specifically excluded. However, the govt. rejected this proposal. However MPs have some great advantages as redressers of grievances. Their services are free and easily accessible; many MPs take great pains to advertise their surgery times and other means of contract in the local media. Most are assiduous in taking up grievances, and often the mere fact of receiving a letter from an MP, rather than from an ordinary citizen, will induce the authority to give a favorable response. Further, the Mp’s services are equally useful whether the constituent is asking for the correction of an error or the more favorable exercise of discretion, where no legal

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The Adult -Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Research Paper

The Adult -Gerontology Nurse Practitioner - Research Paper Example It is therefore the duty of an adult-gerontology nurse practitioner to provide the required care for these patients. Reason for choosing adult-gerontology I chose the adult nurse practitioner with the emphasis on gerontology because I have previously worked in a geriatric population in the nursing homes and with hospice. My interaction with the geriatrics in these homes was an inspiration to a new challenge in advanced nursing practice. In addition, through the interaction, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience in this advanced nursing field. Also, the elderly people suffer from many ailments that result from their low immunity hence provide room for more research and experience in the nursing field thus influenced me to choose to choose this topic. Roles of an adult-gerontology nurse An adult gerontology nurse provides a special care to the old people in the nursing homes. He or she is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the nutrition levels of the patients are as required, the patients receive medication at the correct time, the patients undergo the required daily exercises and in some instances, they are charged with the responsibility of providing psychological support to the patients. ... Apart from going to the nursing colleges, nurses they require further training in seminars and workshops organized by their institutions or even their affiliate associations (Paige and Loney, 1977). Some states are also strict on the issuance of certifications before a nurse can fully practice. Scope of practice The American Nurses Association has a set of the scope and revised guidelines for nursing practices to be followed by all nurses operating in the United States. Adult nurse practitioners are allowed to asses and diagnose patients with injuries and other common diseases. He or she is able to order for lab examination of the patient and also analyze the lab reports so as to suggest the best nursing intervention. In addition, it is within the scope of the adult nursing practitioner to have a personal relationship with the patient that would be beneficial for the treatment of the patient. However, the adult nurse practitioners are limited to make some decisions on their own. This is because certain decisions require the consent of the family members who may be absent at that time. Comparison between adult nursing practitioner and family nursing practitioner A family nursing practitioner has the skills of prevention and containing of diseases. He or she is charged with the responsibility of assessing, diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute symptoms. Due to their expertise in general medical knowledge, they can be able to handle both the young and the older patients. In addition, family nurse practitioners require only a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a license from the state government in order to operate legally. However, an adult nurse practitioner is an advanced nurse with a specialization in the care of the

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Trusted Systems: Protecting Sensitive Information :: Exploratory Essays Research Papers

Introduction With the widespread use of the internet, networked applications have expanded to provide many services that a few years ago would have seemed impractical or futuristic. Among them are applications that allow you to find your perfect date, to file your taxes online, rent movies or even to send away gifts you don’t like. With the proliferation of the internet the demand for programs that use information in more complicated and advanced ways has risen. Commercial entities have come forward to fulfill this demand, and the internet has become the center for many applications driven by information. As information use and sharing among applications becomes more desirable we have seen the downside of sensitive information being accessible to entities for which it was not intended. When we look at the development goals of the internet and of computer networks in general we can easily see the contradictory goals that protecting privacy would present. The internet was developed by people who saw great potential in being able to share scientific and military information quickly and easily between computers. Concerns about the privacy of information created by the new applications mentioned above, give us the goal of making sure that information is only accessible by the entities that it is intended for. By definition this means making information sharing more difficult as we don’t want a legitimate user of information to be able to share that information with someone who does not have a legitimate right. For example if I submit my personal information to an insurance company, I don’t want the insurance company to share my information with others who might use it to send me advertisements or for more sinister purposes. Current computer systems a nd networks have been built with the first goal of ubiquitous access and information sharing in mind. Therefore protecting sensitive information requires us to completely rethink the way that computer systems are designed. Potentially there are two routes that we could take. One is to allow computer systems and the internet to enjoy the free architecture that they have at present but to prosecute violators with strict laws on information security. The other is to completely redesign computer systems with the additional goal that information should only be accessible by parties that the owner of the information trusts.

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Labor Market Trends

Most of the economic analysts argue that trend of the labor market can be characterized as a dynamic one, meaning on a constant change, and its dynamism can be attributed to the changing economic performance of the market and some other factors that imposes an effect to the labor market. During the time when the economy is in good or bad condition, the behavior of the labor market is very different on every scenario. By understanding the trend of the labor force would mean, for the policy makers, having the capacity of predict the level and skills of the labor force that will be available in the economy and on how they will utilize its number to attain the societal goal as a whole. An economy having a surplus or a deficit of laborers would certainly bring costs and benefits. This is the reason why the labor market trends should be monitored form time to time. Factors affecting the labor market pattern should also be considered. Technology, government policy and the like must also be included into attention for it imposes either direct and/or indirect effects to the labor market trends. In the technological world that we are now living, it is ordinary for the economy to demand for new skills, job opportunities and new line of labor in order to suffice the need of the modern kind of living. With the complexity of the economy as time goes by, the policy makers has to monitor the demand and supply of low skilled and high skilled workers to protect the welfare of the majority while maximizing the profitability of the economy as a whole. As for the companies that plan to hire workers, it is necessary for them to understand the trend in the labor market for them to determine the level of education the available worker has and to set their standards based from the given information (Marcotte, 1991). This paper aims to discuss the current labor trend such as the trends for new jobs and its relationship to career development by relating an article about labor market trend to the existing one. Labor Market Trend Employment rate, wage rate, growth rate of the industries and the required level of education for an individual to have a work are just a few of the factors that should be considered in identifying the current trend in the labor market. According to the article of Fix, he talked about the reason of the increase in the demand for the laborers in the late 1990’s due to the sustainable growth in the US and globalization in the economy that even the low skilled workers and single mothers are hired to suffice the demand for the laborers. With this we can see that economic forces affect the trend in the labor market. The higher the investments in economy, the greater the number of possible job opportunity for that certain employment line. One example to this is the current high demand of the nurses in many parts of the world, because of this; most of the undergraduate students tend to study nursing in order to have a better career, get a better salary and so forth. It is understood that if a certain job line is in demand, there would be always a high wage rate, lot of benefits and â€Å"nice† employment terms and agreement. This is what has been the behavior of the students when choosing their undergraduate courses (Amirault, 1990). Government policies also play a vital role in affecting the trend in the labor market. Those job lines that have greater benefits compared to the others as mandated by the law would surely gain higher demand from the laborers (International-Labour-Organization, 2000). The government must also monitor their minimum wage rate to prevent their workers to migrate abroad. Migration of the skilled workers would greatly affect the economic performance of the country for it makes the country to have fewer workers in performing various economic roles. Wage rate must be set in balance in order to attract the workers to stay and work in the domestic market (Fix, 2002). The booming of a certain industry would also affect the current trend in the labor market for it attracts laborers to apply into that industry (Fix, 2002). One example into this is the impressive growth of the cellular phone industry in the south-east Asia and because of this, the tendency of the labor pool is to have a vocational course on electronics since there is a great demand for the said line of job. Cellular phone technicians also became in demand in the economy. Effects of the Globalization to Labor Market Trend Globalization has already been attributed to various negative effects that developed countries now experiencing. One of the main arguments of the analysts is that under globalization, multinational corporations are exporting laborers from the developed to developing countries through the aid of the â€Å"foreign direct investments† (International-Labour-Organization, 2000). When a certain corporation made its investment abroad, it brings with them some of the top skilled workers to supervise the operation of the new company branch in another country. In this case, all the skills of the imported laborers will benefit the country where the capitals are invested. And not only that, the host country could also benefit from the additional job opportunity that the company will offer to the labor market. Under the trade liberalization, the government is giving the consumers pieces of advice to prefer more the goods produced from abroad than with the locally produced one (International-Labour-Organization, 2000). With this, the local industry will find it hard to compete with the imported goods in terms of price and quality, therefore, harming the laborer since there is a possibility for them to be laid off to cut production costs on the part of the local industry. The increasing use of machineries and other advanced technological process to speed up the production made some laborers to loose their jobs since company owners prefer the most the machineries over the human labor for the former is more effective and efficient in working. Industries became more and more independent to technology in making their products produce faster and of great volume according to the International Labour Organization. It is therefore crucial for the government to regulate and protect the welfare of those laborers that might get harmed by their actions. Conclusion Based from the above statements and facts, we can clearly see that economic growth imposes negative effects to the trend in the labor market. The importation of the skilled workers leaves the importing country with less competitive laborers while letting the other countries to gain the benefits that are supposedly for the economy of the host country; and the preference of the imported goods than with the locally produced, harms not only the industry but also the laborers, for they could suffer from a decrease in their salary, or worse, loss their jobs. The behavior of the students in choosing a course also affects the future trend in the labor market. The number of demands for every job line serves as an attraction to the students. This would later on makes the supply of laborers on other job lines to turn down. The imbalance in the supply of the laborers in the economy could cause market turmoil and this should be prevented by the government to happen. The wage rate of the laborers especially the â€Å"low profiled† one must be monitored and evaluated often to ensure the welfare of those who are in need. As we all know, they compose the majority of the number of available workers in the market and by protecting their welfare would mean preserving the good working relationship of the workers and the market. Today labor unions play and have power to fight for the stake of the laborers in the economy and having trouble with them can greatly affect the economic performance of the country. A day mass demonstrations and strikes of the laborers could cause the loss of millions of dollars in terms of production of nay industry. The importance of understanding the trend in the labor market would really help every sector in the economy. REFERENCES Amirault, T. A. (1990). Labor market trends for new college graduates [Electronic Version]. Retrieved June 15, 2007 from Fix, D. S. N. a. M. (2002). Economic and Labor Market Trends [Electronic Version]. Retrieved June 15, 2007. International-Labour-Organization. (2000). Labour Market Trends and Globalization's Impact on Them [Electronic Version]. Retrieved June 15, 2007 from Marcotte, D. E. (1991). Learning in the Labor Market: The Changing Importance of Education and Training After â€Å"Formal† Schooling Ends [Electronic Version]. Retrieved June 15, 2007 from ; ;

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Usefulness of Marxs Theory of Metamorphosis in Assessing...

Modern Governmental Theory Critically assess the usefulness of Marx’s theory of metamorphosis in assessing 2011 revolt in Egypt. After Two months of the attack that was grasped by a Tunisian operative who was unemployed because of the treatment of the state, countless and large demonstrations have range so fast amid the working class as well as the youth in the finished Middle East. The movement commenced to range so fast from one state to one more that it was shouted the Arabic Spring as it range to Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and Libya. Every single administration in every single state was frightened that the waves of anger should menace his rule. Countless strategies have been set to protect the administrations in countless countries. The†¦show more content†¦When the Egyptian metamorphosis has displayed the progress that has transpired in the deeds of the working class, it has displayed their skill to craft extreme clusters of assorted origins and they were displaying assorted hobbies that have lead to the displaying up of the manipulation of the communal mass media and webs in January 25th, 2011. As 20 04, there were producing movement of the disparate people who initiate from the working class. These movements have displayed up countless months ago beforehand it has revolved to lead to the revolt in 2011. The labor movement in 2011, was one of the biggest communal movements transpired in Egypt. Extra than 1.9 million operatives have joined the movement alongside strikes of 1850 strikes. The movement has arose due to the hostile neo open-minded strategies that were being adopted across Hosni Mubarak administration afterward 2004 considering the free marketplace as dictated by the Global Monetary Fund as well as the United States. This plan that was adopted was including two processes; one is the quickening of the privatization and the subsequent is the extra critical situation of the operative class and the rise of the wealth of the higher class. The privatization should mean that extra operatives who are in the State owned industries should lose their jobs and at the alike period , the poor are becoming poorer. (Wall Road Journal, 2011) In 2009, according to the